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Case – Food & Beverage

What our client says 我們的客戶怎麼說 :

“Influenz has a broad network of foodie influencers and they are able to match us with foodies that enjoy premium food and wellness lifestyle. That’s pretty amazing.”

Influencer comments and reviews have helped our brand to build a solid reputation and image at the first place. The promotion result was a lot more amplified when we make ads on other channels or media.”

“Photo quality of Influenz influencers are very good. This has improved our brand image. Thank you!”

The campaign has been fun for us and the influencers’ followers have been engaged!”

Influencer posts for Product tasting
網紅創作者的帖子 – 產品試食

Examples on Platform: Instagram
Photos by influencers: @conyjapjapjap, @367foodlogic, @her.veggie.plates, @dinosaurs_foodie, @betterwithmatcha, @kawai814, @we.for.vegan

Influencer posts for restaurant tasting
網紅創作者的帖子 – 餐廳試食

Examples on Platform: Instagram

Photos by influencers: @hkfoodiechris, @majorinfood, @dinosaurs_foodie, @foodiehuntxx, @handsupforfood, @skeatravelife, @hkbellyhungry

Mirco-influencers’ participation in your IG Campaigns or Contest
微網紅參與品牌的 IG 推廣活動或互動遊戲

We collaborated with a coffee order app and host a coffee photo contest on IG. More than 100 posts were involved in this competition and the average of these posts have more than 200 likes.
我們與一個咖啡訂購應用程序合作,並在 IG 上舉辦了一場咖啡攝影比賽。本次比賽共有100多個帖子參與,這些帖子的平均點贊數超過200個。

IG posts made by the micro-influencers in the Photo Competition
微網紅在 IG 攝影比賽中發布的帖子

Influencer posts on Brand Events or Workshops
網紅創作者發表帖子 – 參與品牌活動或工作坊

Examples on Platform: Instagram

Cafe or shop launch events, Coffee workshops, Cooking workshops

Photos by influencers: @conyjapjapjap, @foodiehuntxx, @hk.foodmap

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