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Frequently Asked Questions


We make a refund of the influencer service fee if one of the following situation occurs:
– Not finding enough influencers to complete the campaign
– Influencers did not make the post on social media due to unforeseen circumstances

– 沒有找到足夠的影響者來完成活動
– 由於不可預見的情況,網紅沒有在社交媒體上發帖

No. Business need to be responsible for the product and experience offered to the influcners for free trial seperately. These relevant expentidure is excluded from the servie fee quoted by us.

Yes. You can upgrade your service or increase the influencer level during the service period. Please contact us if you need assistance.


We only allow choosing one level of influencer at a time. You can contact us anytime to upgrade your service based on your needs. 我們只允許一次選擇一個級別的影響者,但您可以根據需要隨時聯絡我們升級服務。

If you want to work with influencer other than those that we suggested, it is possible but this will be subject to pricing different from our standard pricing (depending on the influencer’s quotation).

We have an screening process which reveiws the influencer social media content to ensure quality content before accepting them to work with us.

We have developed our exclusive database to categorise influencers into smaller segments based on certain factors including but not limited to the content they share. We select influencers to work with your brand based on our marketing expertise and experience, with the help of our database.

Normally within 7 days after receiving product or tasting, but it may vary depends on the nature and requirement of the campaign.
通常在收到產品或試食後 7 天內,但可能會因活動的性質和要求而異。

Sure, we are always ready to help. Please contact us and leave a message and we will get back to you.