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Be our ifzers!

We can influence the world to be better.

Words from Influenz founder:

“Once a blogger and now the admin of a food related IG page, I have seen the power of social media – there is always someone who we will inspire. I enjoy it when people tell me they really like my photos, the products or the hidden local business that I recommend. It’s not about the number of likes, but the satisfaction and positive value from the sharing.

To influence the world to be better is not a dream – if more content creators like you who share great content join me at Influenz, that’s what we gonna achieve together! Welcome to be our ifzer : )”

Influenz 創辦人的話 :

“由寫Blog開始,到現在是一個美食 IG 小編的我,一直感受著社交媒體的力量 — 總是有人會受到我們分享的東西所啟發。每當有人說喜歡我提及的物品和隱世小店時,都會令我感到高興。分享很多時不是為了多少個讚好,而是為其他人創造價值的滿足感。

令世界變得更美好不是夢想 – 如果更多像您這樣用心分享的內容創作者加入 Influenz,我相信那將是我們能共同實現的目標~
歡迎加入成為我們的 ifzer : )”

Be proud. We don’t work with everyone.

We value great contents. To become our IFZer, you will first need to get through our screening process which will we consider the followings:

– Quality and authentic content
– Real and active followers
– Content must be original

– Engagement with followers
– Follower counts

我們重視內容創作。想成為我們的 IFZer,您首先需要通過我們的篩選過程,我們將考慮以下各個因素:

– 內容的質量和真實性
– 真實和活躍的粉絲
– 內容必須是原創的
– 與粉絲的互動

– Followers 數目

Our campaign process

Receive campaign invitation

Apply to campaigns you are interested in

Wait for Confirmation

Experience and give review

Potential ongoing collaboration

We support our influencer community

– Gatherings and events which help you build your influencer network and meet other great minds and talents

– Tips to make better posts and content
– Resources to support our content creators and influencers in creating their own personal brand or business

– 有助於您建立網絡並結識其他優秀人才的聚會和活動
– 製作更好帖子和內容的教學和分享
– 支持我們的內容創作者和網紅創建自己的個人品牌或事業的資源