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Local healthy food brands Campaign

Campaign Background 活動背景 

At the first outbreak of Covid 19 in 2020, a few local healthy food brands participated in the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” online campaign to increase public awareness on health, as well as improve brand awareness and image. The online campaign let the brands expand their exposure of audience without being affected by the closure of all street market and food exhibitions due to the pandemic restrictions.

2020年Covid 19首次爆發時,幾家本地健康食品品牌參與了“Stay Home, Stay Safe”在線活動,以提高公眾的健康意識,同時提高品牌知名度和形象。在線活動讓品牌擴大了受眾的曝光率,而不受市集和食品展覽關閉的影響。

Campaign planning and management 活動策劃與管理

Influenz Digital helped plan all the campaign details and arrange influencers by understanding the brand’s marketing needs in order to determine the most suitable influencers to engage.

More than 20 Influencers were arranged to try out the fitness and healthy food products and made real life sharing on their Instagram page through Posts and Stories and these posts have received numerous positive comments from their followers. The images and post content matched well with the Fitness and Health awareness objective of this campaign. This campaign has successfully helped the small local brands to establish their presence and reach online.

我們通過了解品牌的營銷需求來幫助規劃所有活動細節並安排網紅,以確定最適合參與的微網紅創作者。 超過二十個網紅被安排嘗試不同品牌的健康食品,並通過帖子和限時動態在他們的 Instagram 頁面上進行真實生活分享,這些帖子得到了許多粉絲的積極評價。圖片和帖子內容與本次活動的健康意識目標非常吻合。該活動成功地幫助本地小品牌在網上建立了更多影響力和觸及更多人。