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Be our #ifzer!

The #ifzer Community is full of talented and creative influencers and content creators. We will review your application and notify you by email if you have successfully become our ifzer. Click here to know more about our vision and review criteria. Applicant should have at least 1K followers in IG or Youtube. You can join us by our invitation or by referral of our ifzers.
#ifzer Community 裡的都是具才華和創造力的網紅和內容創作者。 我們將審核您的申請。成功加入的 ifzer 會收到我們的電郵通知! 點擊此處了解更多加入的好處和我們的審核標準和理念。申請者的IG或者Youtube需至少有1K Follower以上。您可透過我們發出的邀請或 ifzer 的轉介加入我們。

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